Increasing Your Conversation Rate

SEO is a major business today.  Many businesses are out there trying to keep up with the changes of not only the consumer market but what search engine companies such as Google feel is relevant.  Companies such as Digital Current have made it their mission to learn these skills and resources into a phoenix seo agency dedicated to helping people succeed online.

Increasing your conversion rate

The ultimate goal for any business is to increase their conversation rates.  The conversion rate is the mathematical formula of how many people visit your offer and who actually purchases.  For example, if you have one hundred people visit your offer and ten people purchase then you have a ten percent conversion rate.  If you have one person take your offer out of one hundred then you have a one percent conversion rate.

Measuring your conversation rate

As a business owner it is vital that you measure, understand and adjust your tactics when it comes to your conversation rates.  If you are running a campaign that didn’t result in any conversations, then you can consider it a loss.  However, if you make a thousand sales or have a thousand customers take your offer you can consider it a success.  The trick is to know the difference.  This is where measuring and understanding your conversions is so important.

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Control and the test

When measuring your conversations, it is all about having a control and a test.  What this means is you pit two ads against each other.  You run this for a specific amount of time and see what you get for a result.  Typically one ad will outperform the other.  This is what is known as your control. 

What you do next is create a similar ad and run the test again.  When you run this test, you will get a new set of results.  Depending on your results you will now know what your new control will be that you cannot create another test for.

Measuring these and really knowing your results will help you in optimizing your conversations.