Speed Limiters: The Pros

There has been a lot of buzz in the headlines about mandatory speeds on the road, particularly when it concerns commercial trucks. There are opposing views on the matter, as some proponents say that safety is increased while others insist that safety is decreased. Let’s discuss the benefits of speed limit signs and how safety is increased due to speed limits.

Improve Safety on the Road

Variable speed limit signs

Safety on the road is one of the most important things that drivers should strive to maintain. Whether you drive a large vehicle or a smaller car, safety is essential if you want to avoid accidents. Commercial trucks are the cause of almost 20 percent of fatal accidents, with speed being the main issue presented. Variable speed limit signs protect drivers and decrease incidences of injuries and accidents.

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is the capacity that a vehicle has to get energy from fuel sources. When traveling at high speeds, wind resistance increases, and the vehicle needs to use more fuel to keep moving at that speed. Large trucks can benefit greatly from lowering their speed, saving a significant amount of fuel on trips. Smaller vehicles benefit as well, making fuel for much longer trips.

Reduction of CO2 Emissions

Higher speeds can often result in more fuel being used when driving. Fuel must go through a combustion process, which means that more carbon dioxide is produced with higher speeds as well. When speed is reduces while driving, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are lowered, and less gas is being introduced to the atmosphere.

If you want to increase your safety on the road, it’s important to adhere to speed limits. These are put in place for several reasons, though the main reason is to maintain the safety of all individuals on the road.